Upcoming Residencies in 2014 – Verandah Porche

Verandah Porche, Poet                Learn more: www.verandahporche.com

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Verandah Porche, Poet September/October 2014
K-12, Educators, Adults Poetry, writing for educators
  • Poetry and Place
  • Writing and Curriculum Development

As part of our "Environmental Literacy through the Arts" series, we are offering “Writing on the Land,” a “told poems” residency with poet Verandah Porche, with the goal of encouraging both students and adults to examine their feelings about place. 

Verandah will offer library and school poetry readings and a series of workshops and gatherings where participants will explore their ideas through listening, writing and sharing. She will work with three communities (Bethlehem, Lancaster, Lincoln) and schools during her visits. Email us to sign up your school or learn about planned community workshops and events here!

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