Upcoming Residencies in 2014 – Rani Arbo and Daisy Mayhem

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, Music             Learn more: www.raniarbo.com

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Dates Available 
 Ages  Area(s) of expertise 
Suggested Workshops 
Assembly Option
Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem, playful roots/folk musicians and singers March 11-15 K-12, Preschool, Families, Communities, Health-Care Professionals, Nursing Homes Music
  • Elementary
  • Middle & High School
  • Music in Health
  • Music in Nursing Homes

The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire plans a 5-day regional residency with Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem as a part of Music in the Schools month. Their work will celebrate the power of music to bring people together and to provide joy, creative energy, comfort and hope to individuals from preschoolers to hospice workers. 

Their music, featuring recycled instruments and tight four part harmonies, has been called “playful and profound” and it “explodes with energy and relaxed good humor”. 

Possible Workshops Include:
1. School assembly and Q & A with optional age-appropriate music workshops.
2. Classroom workshops for elementary students
3. Classroom workshops for high school students
4. Programs for health-care workers and hospital and nursing-home populations

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