Upcoming Residencies in 2014/2015 – Mckendy Fils-Aime

Mckendy Fils-Aime, Slam Poet  

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Mckendy Fils-Aime, Slam Poet January 12-18,
Gr. K-12, College, Educators, Elementary, Middle, High School, Community, Writers poetry, writing, storytelling, slam poetry   
  • poetry writing workshops (elementary, middle, high school)
  • intro to slam poetry for teachers
  • family workshop and poetry open mic
  • race and identity workshops (elementary or middle/high)

Mckendy Fils-Aime is a Haitian-American poet & educator living in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he is an instrumental organizer and co-host for his home slam, the long-running and wildly popular Slam Free or Die. A seven-time veteran of the National Poetry Slam and perennial semi-finalist, as well as a Pushcart nominee, he has been published in Freezeray, Word Riot, and Drunk in a Midnight Choir. He is currently working on his debut poetry collection, Prayer in the Cracks

Mckendy offers workshops and assemblies appropriate for K-12 students and is an especially good fit for older elementary, middle and high school students. In addition to school workshops on poetry writing and identity, Mckendy can offer exciting assemblies of any length, whether you'd like a brief ten-minute assembly before offering breakout workshops, a 45 minute solo assembly to start your school day and encourage your students to consider their own identity, or an end-of-school assembly that is a poetry slam featuring Mckendy and your own students and their original work. Additional options are available for educators and writers. This is an affordable artist whose high-energy work will teach, enthrall and motivate your students.

Poetry & Identity Workshops Include:
Note: please allow an hour for workshops 1-6.

1. Behind the Mask (Gr. 8-12) - 

There are many ways to approach writing a poem. Sometimes poets elect to take on the voice of another in their writing. In this session, we will learn the basics of persona poetry. Students will watch and read examples of this poetry sub-genre and even write their own persona poems! 

2. Poetry DJ (Gr. 9-12) - As most know, poetry and music are not strangers. In this workshop, we will discuss the differences & similarities between music and poetry. Students will learn about poetry forms rooted in music. They will then write poems, incorporating their favorite songs.

3. The Ironic Chef (Gr. 4-9) - Students will spend the first part of this session learning about different forms and approaches to writing poems. They will then compete in teams and will be given "secret ingredients" in order to complete a five-course poetic meal. By the end of the session, only one team will be left standing and proclaimed the next Ironic Chef.

4. Poetry Comics (Gr. 4-8) - Are you a poet who dreams in super-heroes and comic book characters? Learn to make your poems into a comic! Students will write a 6 line poem based on routine and turn it into a comic book/mini zine. Students will learn a basic mini-zine fold, poetry composition, and some drawing skills and should walk out with a completed poetry comic.

5. Where I'm From (Gr. K-5) - In this introductory workshop, students will examine George Ella Lyon’s famous poem "Where I’m From". They will explore the things in life that are unique to them. Using a template, students will then construct their own "Where I’m From" poem. 

6. Beneath the Veil (Gr. 6-12) - Students will watch poems that exploring cultural heritage. They will be assigned one of three writing prompts in the persona, form, and letter formats. After, students will share their work & discuss their experiences during the process.

7. Intro Assembly - Mckendy will open up the morning with a brief introduction to poetry slam and a 20 minute performance. There will be a brief Q&A after. (Assembly length can be adjusted based on school needs.)

8. Family Event - After school, join Mckendy for a special workshop on writing collaborative poetry. We will look at various poetry forms & template used to write multi-voice poems. Students & parents are invited to participate. After the workshop, we will host a music & poetry open mic.

9. Teacher Workshop - Slam is one of today’s most exciting ways to introduce poetry to students. This progressive performance based art deals with a wide array of topics. In this 90 minute workshop, learn which resources are the most efficient for bringing slam poetry to students.  Teachers will be provided with text, video, and audio of several school appropriate performance poems. To register for our Plymouth workshop on 1/13 from 3:30-5:30 p.m., click here.

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