Upcoming Residencies in 2014 – Inkas Wasi

Inkas Wasi, traditional Inka music & dance          Learn more: www.inkaswasi.com

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 Ages  Area(s) of expertise
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Inkas Wasi, traditional
Inca music & dance
3/24 – 3/28 K-12, Educators, Adults Traditional Inca music, history, geography, dance
  • Inca Music & History
  • Intro to Traditional Inca Dance

Our Music in the Schools Month celebration includes a regional residency with Inkas Wasi, as three musicians and two dancers bring a taste of Andean culture from their homelands to northern New Hampshire.  The group performs in Andean costumes and uses a variety of traditional instruments, melodies and rhythms. 

The residency will include public performances, a community potluck and dance workshop, teacher training, and a variety of in-school workshops and presentations exploring Andean culture, including music, dance, history and geography. 

Inkas Wasi can handle large groups in their workshops and can run two simultaneous workshops in your school.

Possible Workshops Include:
1. School assembly with pre- and post-assembly workshops
2. Exploring the music, history & geography of the Inka people
3. Traditional flute-making and music making
4. Workshop in traditional Inka dance

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