Upcoming Residencies in 2014 – Asylum Quartet

Asylum Quartet, Emerging Chamber Music Ensemble                                   Learn more: www.asylumquartet.com

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Asylum Quartet, Chamber Music March 15-20,
Gr. K-12, Educators, Elementary, Middle, High School, Community, Musicians instrumental music (classical and other styles), chamber ensemble playing, saxophone technique, range/orchestration, programming,   
  • instrumental music workshops (middle and high school students)
  • workshops for music educators
  • Customized workshop on material chosen by band director

Asylum Quartet, an energizing and award-winning quartet, is made up of four conservatory-trained saxophonists. Of the group, Sandra Matuschka of the Newport News said, "...evocative, educational, and refreshing...[the] kind of concert that would cause you to want to hear it again."

They offer assemblies for elementary, middle and high school students, performing a wide range of musical styles and themes into their concert. Their residency will open with a concert at St. Kieran's Center for the Arts in Berlin and will close with a concert in another location (TBA). They offer saxophone clinics as well as more generalized music workshops and are happy to work with the band director to customize a workshop to their needs. Possible topics include tone production, warm-up techniques, practice techniques and building ensemble chemistry.

This residency brings chamber music into schools in an accessible and highly enjoyable format, and workshops can be customized to enhance the music program in your school. Schools will be provided with information from the artists, including ideas for pre and post classroom activities, listening exercises, and questions for pre- and post-show discussion. 

Possible Workshops Include:

1. Saxophone clinics

2. General music workshop in consultation with the band director on topics like tone production, warm-up techniques, practice techniques and building ensemble chemistry.

3. Music educator workshop

4. They're happy to customize other workshops to fit your curriculum and students!

5. One-on-one saxophone lessons are also an option if time allows.

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