Why the Arts Matter in Our Schools

Why Do the Arts Matter?

Arts in our classrooms as part of everyday learning foster well-rounded graduates who enter college and the workforce with creative skills and a competitive edge! For New Hampshire students to fulfill their potential, learning in and through the arts is essential.

Studies show that arts-based learning teaches creative problem-solving and cultural awareness; offers multiple pathways to understanding for different learners; and increases connections and engagement between teachers, students and the community that surrounds them.

Creativity and innovation are essential skills in the 21st century: please join us in celebrating arts in our schools while spreading the word to our elected officials and our communities about how essential the arts are in our classrooms.

Join the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire as we celebrate the arts in our schools! Learn more about our upcoming artist residencies in local schools and communities here.

Invite your Elected Officials and Community to see Arts in Action!
• Invite the media into your classroom for a special day or presentation
• Invite your elected officials to stop by!
• Encourage your school board and local community members to visit!
• Learn more about how to do this here

Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers:
Check here for upcoming workshops and conferences!

How Are YOU Celebrating?

Thousands of schools across the country are celebrating the arts and embracing them in their schools this month!

Schools are showcasing their student art in local museums, libraries and community buildings; spreading the word about the arts through media; holding art competitions, discussions and forums; and cross-promoting charities and environmental causes through the arts -- not to mention other special events.

How is YOUR school or community celebrating arts in education? Please email us – we’ll share the results here and on our Facebook page!