2016/2017 Residencies – Sokeo Ros

Sokeo Ros, Dancer, Theater Artist      Learn more: http://www.creativeground.org/profile/sokeo

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Dates Available
 Ages  Area(s) of expertise
Suggested Workshops
Assembly Option
Sokeo Ros,
Theater Artist
17-21, 2016
Middle, high and adult. 
can include
elementary students.
Hip hop, improv,
breakdancing, choreography
  • Hip hop dance 
  • Breakdance 
  • Improv comedy
  • Story to Performance
Yes: lec/demo 
"From Refugee
Camp to Project"

We are pleased to offer a week of programs with the talented Sokeo Ros, whose compelling work -- and equally compelling story -- will offer Northern New Hampshire middle, high school and college students and adult audiences an opportunity to reflect on culture, heritage -- and refugees -- in new ways, and to experience hip hop dance through a fascinating lens.

Sokeo will offer school and community workshops, lecture demonstrations that incorporate excerpts from "From Refugee Camp to Project," a one-man show that tells the story of an individual who survived refugee camps, made it to the US, where he lived in a low-income neighborhood filed with gangs, poverty and violence. Through hip-hop dance, traditional Khmer dance, theater and story telling, he shares experiences and stories from his life and how he has tried to stay away from the negative aspects found within these environments.

Sokeo will work with local dancers and incorporate them into his public performance Friday, October 21.

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About Sokeo Ros:

Sokeo Ros is the Director of the Hip-Hop Dance Program at Everett Company, Stage and School in Providence, Rhode Island. Sokeo was born in a Cambodian refugee camp in Thailand, arriving in the US at the age of three. As a sophomore in high school he began performing with the Carriage House Performers, a Providence-based hip hop group. As a creator and performer Sokeo has toured the country and has taught at universities, high schools and other sites. 

Sokeo has received multiple grants from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts and the New England Foundation for the Arts.