2016/2017 Residencies – Sokio Ros

Karim Nagi, Arabic Music & Dance   Learn more:  https://www.creativeground.org/profile/arabiqa-karim-nagi

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Karim Nagi November 10-11, 2016 
All Ages Arabic music, dance, folklore
Karim offers assemblies where he performs on multiple percussion and string instruments from around the Arab world. He'll demonstrate the Duff, Riqq, Buzuq, Sagat, Mijwiz and Tabla, describe the history of each instrument, review how they are made, and write out the name in Arabic script. He'll change his costumes throughout the show, robing in both modern and authentic clothing and explaining how to wrap the kufiyya headpieces. School programs will incorporate at least two styles of Arab Folk Dance, including the dance of sticks and stomps, and he'll include the audience with rhythmic clapping, word pronunciation, line dancing, and spontaneous surveys and questions. 

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About Karim Nagi 

Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian who performs traditional Arab music and dance from several Arabic speaking countries. He has a very upbeat, dynamic style that is both sonic and visual. These joyous performances are highly engaging, and include verbal commentary and cultural explanation.

Karim performs a host of Arabic hand percussion, lute and voice, and several solo and group folk dances. In addition to proper adult and family concerts, Karim also has developed the Arabiqa program designed for schools and young audiences. His goal is to provide alternative impressions of the Middle East