2015/2016 Residencies – Zili Misik

Zili Misik, New World Soul       Learn more: http://www.creativeground.org/profile/zili-misik-0

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Zili Misik, World Music March 14-18, 2016
All ages, educators, musicians, dancers World music, percussion, dance
  • percussion
  • exploring the language & musical journey of the music of the African diaspora
  • workshop for educators
  • community drum & dance workshops

Kera Washington, ethnomusicologist and band leader for Zili Misik, will spend five days in residence in northern New Hampshire, offering assemblies and workshops on the music of the African Diaspora and its relation to music around the globe. She will take audiences on a trip through history, exploring the roots of the music in Africa, its journey across the Atlantic, and the effect that journey has had on the music over time. In addition to programs for students, she will offer an educator workshop and a series of community events. On Friday, Zili Misik musicians will join her for two exciting culminating performances (including one school performance), energetic shows that bridge cultures, generations and continents. 

Kera’s school assemblies will begin with a PowerPoint depicting the geography and historical roots of Zili Misik’s music, including its origins in Ghana and development in Haiti. She will demonstrate and explain multiple rhythms and bring students along on the journey those rhythms made across the Atlantic and the effects the music has had on the sounds of the Americas. Students will sing and explore rhythms with Kera, both onstage and in their seats, and classroom workshops will allow her to work with smaller groups and provide more focused, personalized instruction, particularly in percussion. Some of the workshops will focus in particular on song-meaning and lyrics, discussing how language has changed and what has been retained as African languages became fused with Portuguese, Spanish and English. 

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