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Marvelous Marvin April 6-11,
Gr. K-6, Educators, Families, Communities Teaching science and math using theater, magic, circus arts and movement  
  • Assemblies
  • Circus Arts workshop
  • Teacher workshop
  • Family workshop

Marvelous Marvin's programming is a perfect illustration of effective methods of using the arts to teach science and math. The engaging assemblies will use circus arts, magic, visuals and theater to engage all students, whether they are auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners. Marvin’s workshops, in turn, will be an especially powerful tool in teaching science concepts to students - if we learn it with our bodies, we are much more likely to remember it! 

Teachers will gain a lot from watching Marvin in action that they can translate to their own teaching of STEM (or STEAM) fields.

This residency is appropriate for K-6 students, families, SPED students and adults and teachers and administrators interested in how to use the arts to teach STEM fields. Schools will be provided with study guides and teacher guides that include Common Core connections related to the assembly.

Possible Assemblies and Workshops Include:

1. Magic of Science assembly - For grades K-6; 

2. Math Blast assembly - For grades K-2 or 3-6 (or can do older version with a mixed audience)

3. Bugging Out assembly - For grades K-6 

4. The Science/Dance/Literacy Experience workshop (grades K-2)

5. Educator STEAM Workshop: How to Integrate Theater and Dance to Teach Science to Young Children (for pre-K to grade 2 classroom teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, SPED educators)

6. Family Circus Arts workshop 

7. School Science Circus Arts workshop

8. Family Performance

Note: Marvin has a lot of experience with SPED students and adults and is happy to offer a workshop just for them!

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Teacher Guides: Math Blast         The Magic of Science         Bugging Out