Upcoming Residencies in 2014 – Lida Winfield

Lida Winfield, Performing Artist                    Learn more: www.lidawinfield.com

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Lida Winfield, Performing Artist 2015/2016 School Year TBD (previously visited in January and October of 2014) Gr. 6-12 Educators, Elementary, Senior Citizens, Adults w/ disabilities Dance, theater, integrated arts, disabilities, inclusion and multiple modalities  
  • Gr. 6-12 and teacher workshops w/ assembly
  • Classroom workshops all ages
  • Movement workshops/literacy connections

Lida Winfield’s extraordinary work focuses on issues of inclusion, understanding and creative expression. She is a Vermont dancer, choreographer, storyteller and theatre artist. 

She offers presentations of her one-woman show “In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic” and accompanying workshops designed for educators and middle and high school students, as well as additional workshops designed for elementary students, senior citizens, and adults with disabilities. 

This residency specifically addresses disability issues and inclusive learning, and explores bridging community and interpersonal divides to allow for communication and understanding. Schools will be provided with study guides developed by the Flynn Center, including an artist interview and information on dyslexia, dance and interdisciplinary arts, classroom activities, and questions for pre- and post-show discussion. 

Possible Workshops Include:

1.“In Search of Air” performance and Q & A with optional post-show workshops for small groups; an interactive workshop for teachers and administrators to explore using multiple modalities as effective interventions for students with disabilities;

2. Words, Movement & Ideas classroom workshops on creativity and expression through movement and storytelling, tied to curriculum subject areas chosen by participating educators (all ages)

3. Stomping Stories workshop for ages 12 & up (multi-generations welcome) where Lida uses improvisation and leads the group in creating stories and movement - for 
all abilities, this community workshop explores creation and sharing of stories through words and movement. 

4. Swimming Lessons workshop for advanced, experienced dancers high school and above, where Lida will lead exercises to help participants engage in and share their own narratives. Using structured improvisation, dancers explore ways to connect stories and movement. 

5. Moving History, a workshop for senior centers allowing elders to explore, acknowledge and listen to the voices of those who speak to us through memory and story

6. Creative Process, a workshop for advanced dancers exploring many forms of guided improvisation and composition. Engaging full body and voice, dancers will play with gesture, partnering, visualization and storytelling to build short pieces around quirky and provocative memories of people and places long gone. 

7. Reimagining the Written Word offers a creative, hands-on approach to generating stories. Participants will explore new ways to develop characters, places, and cultivate rich, evocative imagery. 

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