Sample Resource Articles

American Planning Association
How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality

International City County Management Association
Harnessing the Power of the Arts

Arts Advocacy Organizations

New Hampshire Citizens for the Arts
Advocates for enlightened public policy and public funding in support of the arts, at the municipal, state and federal levels.

Arts Action Fund
Seeks to engage citizens in education and advocacy in support of the arts and arts education.

Educator Resources

For Planners and Policy Makers

Members of the New Hampshire Planners Association, the New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions, and the Creative Communities Network provided valuable feedback and review of the Creative Communities Toolkit. State, regional, and community planners serving New Hampshire’s cities and towns will find sample language for resolutions establishing public art and cultural commissions, and a guide for use in writing and revising arts and cultural plans and chapters for community and regional master plans. Articles and case studies featuring programs, policies and partnerships that contribute to the creative economy locally and statewide are also included.

For Members of the Creative Industry, Arts Advocates, and Non-Profit Organizations

Artists, advocates and non-profits need both data and success stories to share with decision makers and funders. The Creative Economy Toolkit has resources for funding creative initiatives and current research on the benefits of a creative economy focus. Also included are strategies for connecting with organizations that support artists and arts advocates in New Hampshire, New England and nationally, and stories of people, projects and programs that are making a difference.

For Educators and Students

It is widely supported by research that the arts are uniquely able to boost learning and achievement for children, students with disabilities, students from under-resourced environments, and students needing remedial instruction. Children develop creative problem solving skills, social skills, and creative vision which are desirable assets that employers seek in workplaces. Rhode Island Arts Learning Network community toolkit includes extensive research on the value of the arts in education. Also see New Hampshire Arts Learning Network.

For Chambers of Commerce/Businesses, Economic Development Corporations and Downtown Revitalization Programs

Economic development is a major focus for communities throughout New Hampshire. Job creation, supporting creative industry professionals and businesses, and creative placemaking to support a tourism economy are successful strategies in use today throughout New Hampshire. The New Hampshire Business Committee for the Arts (NHBCA) recognizes business support of, and participation in, the arts. NHBCA operates a variety of programs and projects that encourage and involve businesses in the arts.

Performance venues, festivals, art galleries and museums, public art displays, and artist live-work spaces are the commonly understood economic drivers of the creative economy. For economic development professionals, the Creative Economy Toolkit provides relevant data, which shows a direct link between community economic vitality and the arts. It also offers program ideas to foster community participation and tourism, and strategies for outreach to those working in the creative industries.

For Tourism and Hospitality Professionals

In New Hampshire, cultural and heritage tourism contributes significantly to the state’s economy. The Creative Economy Toolkit contains links to cultural arts organizations and performing arts venues which attract visitors to New Hampshire. These resources also accommodate the needs and interests of citizens who may choose to participate in “close to home” arts and cultural activities.