Meet our New Executive Director

The Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire is excited to announce the selection of Kate Griffin as its new Executive Director. Kate began work at the end of June.

Kate has held leadership roles in local, state, and national non-profit organizations for more than fifteen years. She began her career in higher education, and transitioned into social sector program design and administration after earning a PhD in American Studies. Most recently, Kate’s work has brought together the fields of art and wellness, where her experience includes facilitating Movies for Mental Health workshops for Art With Impact, co-founding an art and wellness organization called The Storefront Institute, and creating San Francisco Seniors Remember, a collaborative oral history project.

Raised in Lancaster, NH, Kate has lived in Northern California for the past two decades and is excited to be returning to the North Country of New Hampshire. “The communities and landscapes of Northern New Hampshire are deep in my bones,” she says. “I can’t imagine anything better than getting to do the work I love in the place that I’ve always called ‘home’ even when I was living across the country.

“I’ve worked in a variety of fields, from social services and community development to higher education, and I’ve seen how the arts can advance the work of many different sectors,” she notes. “The Arts Alliance has developed so many wonderful partnerships and collaborations over the years, from school programs and community partnerships to the White Mountain National Forest Artist in Residence program. I really see the arts and artists as important resources for helping the people, places, and communities of Northern New Hampshire thrive.”

“In addition to being operationally and organizationally minded,” says Arts Alliance Chair Sara Glines, “Kate has an eye for innovation. We’re really looking forward to seeing how she will work with us to build on our history and lead us in seeing what new directions we can take.”

“I’m thrilled to be handing over the reins to someone as smart and committed as Kate,” says longtime Arts Alliance executive director Frumie Selchen, who is retiring this fall after almost twenty years with the organization. “She has had such a rich diversity of experience around the country while remaining rooted in her understanding and love of our region.”